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Experience the ease of setting up your autonomous equipment by using our virtual training materials. Below you'll find training videos, maintenance videos, wall charts, and our contact information so we can better serve you.

Are you a New User of Cobi 18?

Get ready to be an automation expert through our Automation Academy! We offer a quick and easy set of 10 videos for you to watch to learn the ins and outs of using Cobi. After watching the videos, you’ll be asked to take a brief quiz in order to gain your certification. Are you ready to be an automation expert?

Cobi Virtual Training

Get Started

How to Unpack
How to Unpack
How to Setup
How to Setup
Prep the Facility
Prep the Facility
Prep the Machine
Prep the Machine
How to Teach a Route
How to Teach a Route
How to Run a Route
How to Run a Route
How to Unpack
How to Unpack
How to Setup
How to Setup
Download Wall Chart
Wall Chart

Keep your staff informed with step by step instructions for daily and weekly maintenance.

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Usage Tutorials

Quick Start
Quick Start
How to Teach an Auto-Fill Route
How to Teach an Auto-Fill Route
How to Run an Auto-Fill Route
How to Run an Auto-Fill Route
How to Use Manual Mode
How to Use Manual Mode
How to Use Dust Mop Mode
How to Use Dust Mop Mode
How to Schedule a Later Start
How to Schedule a Later Start
How to Run Multiple Routes
How to Run Multiple Routes
How to Delete a Route
How to Delete a Route
Quick Start
Quick Start
How to Teach an Auto-Fill Route
How to Teach an Auto-Fill Route

Maintenance Tutorials

Hopper Maintenance
Hopper Maintenance
Brush Maintenance
Brush Maintenance
Squeegee Maintenance
Squeegee Maintenance
Tank Maintenance
Tank Maintenance
Mop Maintenance
Mop Maintenance
How to Charge the Battery
How to Charge the Battery
Sensor Maintenance
Sensor Maintenance
Hopper Maintenance
Hopper Maintenance
Brush Maintenance
Brush Maintenance


How to Package a Swap Machine
How to Package a Swap Machine
Preparing for a Swap Return
Preparing for a Swap Return
How to Swap a Battery
How to Swap a Battery
How to Package a Swap Machine
How to Package a Swap Machine
Preparing for a Swap Return
Preparing for a Swap Return

Equipment: Cobi 18

What is a Cobot?
A cobot is a collaborative robot and is designed to work alongside staff by taking on repetitive tasks like floor cleaning. A cobot frees up staff to focus on other high-priority tasks and to focus on delivering the best service possible.
What type of floors can Cobi 18 clean?
Cobi 18 is designed to work on all hard flooring surfaces including hardwood, ceramic, concrete, PVC, marble, granite, artificial marble, epoxy and more.
Is Cobi 18 easy to use?
Cobi 18 excels in its ease of use due to the simple user interface (UI) and the quick and easy steps required to deploy it. Check out our quick start guide to learn more below:
What is the run time of Cobi 18?
Depending on the cleaning power mode that is chosen, Eco or Max mode, Cobi 18 works 1.5 – 2 hours.
How many square meters can Cobi 18 clean?
Depending on the complexity of the environment and the cleaning power mode selected, Cobi 18 can clean up to 800 sq/m per hour.
Which operations do I need to complete before and after I run Cobi 18?
Which operations do I need to complete on a daily basis when operating Cobi 18?
What is the cleaning path of Cobi 18?
The cleaning path of Cobi 18 is 18.8 inches, or 48 centimeters.
How often do I need to change the brushes, squeegee and dust mop?
That depends on the intensity of usage. The brushes, squeegee and dust mop will need to be changed at variable times depending on how often Cobi 18 is used.
Is regular maintenance required on Cobi 18?
To keep the cleaning performance of Cobi 18 at a high level, daily and weekly maintenance is required. In our Client Portal we provide maintenance videos demonstrating easy maintenance tips for Cobi 18. We also have a Maintenance Wall Chart available. The wall chart demonstrates, in one view, how to maintain Cobi 18.
How do I set up Cobi 18 and create a route for the first time?
Can I create more than one cleaning route for Cobi 18?
Yes, you can create up to 6 cleaning routes per home location code. You can number them to know the difference. Cobi 18 is delivered with 10 home location codes. That means you can save 60 routes total.
Which power mode will Cobi 18 use while running mapped routes?
When selecting the route, you can choose and switch to the power mode, ECO or MAX, for that route to use.
What is a custom route?
A custom route is mapped by the user based on the facility and the desired cleaning path. Once the route is mapped and saved, Cobi can be deployed to clean this specific route autonomously.
What is Auto-Fill Mode?
Auto-Fill mode allows the user to teach Cobi the perimeter of the space. Once the perimeter is mapped, Cobi will autonomously fill in the center of the space for cleaning. As with all routes, once it is saved, Cobi can be deployed to clean the entire route autonomously.
Does Cobi 18 have capabilities to record sound?
No, Cobi 18 is not capable of recording sound.
Does Cobi 18 charge the battery or fill and empty the tanks automatically?
Cobi 18 needs the support from an operator to charge the battery and fill or empty the water tanks. Cobi 18 is not supplied with a docking station.

Technology: Cobi 18

Will Cobi 18 help our company save money and how can we measure it?
Cobi 18 can provide measurable savings by increasing cleanliness and efficiency in time. This is a matter of practical specifics and needs to be calculated. Our sales team can help you with this by using an ROI calculator based on credible principles. Through our fleet management software, we can provide usage information and target metrics that empower customers to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of their Cobi 18 fleet deployments. This information gives customers insights into the value and adoption of the solution.
Does Cobi 18 operate autonomously?
Yes, once Cobi 18 is trained on routes, it can be deployed to run, and operate autonomously.  Cobi is a “cobot” meaning that while it runs autonomously, it requires a human to set it up and then maintain it. A human counterpart is necessary for charging the battery, cleaning the brushes, adding and removing water and replacing the dust mop. Cobi is intended to be an interactive experience that supports staff in executing daily cleaning tasks and accomplishing other higher-priority responsibilities.
How does Cobi 18 impact humans?
How does Cobi 18 receive software updates?
Updates are pushed automatically over the 3G/4G network, so you do not have to worry about it. Email notifications are sent to you for each of these updates, explaining changes and how to ensure proper usage. Any ongoing Cobi 18 service is not affected, and the updates take effect automatically the next time Cobi 18 is powered on.
Can Cobi 18 run on wifi?
No, Cobi 18 runs only on 3G/4G networks to avoid other edge devices on customers’ secure network.
How does Cobi 18 perform around large obstacles, glass, and mirrors?
The highly sophisticated navigation system enables Cobi 18 to navigate around large obstacles (such as escalators), reflective surfaces (such as mirrors and glass), and sunlight and other bright light conditions.
How does Cobi 18 perform around sloped or stepped surfaces?
Cobi 18 may tip or fall over if running on or too close to steps, angled floor, or uneven surfaces. Grooves between floors, grates or other lids, escalators, elevators, moving walkways, braille blocks, and thick rugs should be avoided while mapping routes. If there is a risk of Cobi entering such an area along its route, please either set a physical barrier to block it, or ensure Cobi is supervised while it is running. If Cobi enters a vertical or horizontal transportation mechanism (e.g., escalator, moving walkway) there is a risk of it falling on, blocking, or falling down the space and damaging the structure, or unit itself.
What are the criteria for Cobi 18 barriers?
What is the best way to avoid false detections from my Cobi 18 unit?
To avoid “Path is Blocked” and “Robot Is Off Path” situations, please make sure Cobi 18’s path is clear of obstacles such as chairs, trash cans, recycling bins, etc. Cleaning sensors regularly will help avoid false detections.
What does Cobi 18 show me about routes?
Cobi 18 gives you an overview of all the routes it runs, including when they were run, how long they took, and a map outlining both the trained and autonomously run routes. This provides you with confirmation of the cleaning operations to take the guesswork out of where, when, and how your floors have been cleaned
How easy is it to see my entire Cobi fleet?
Admin users can simply view the details of their fleet from a remote location in i-SYNERGY. All you will need to do is log into your account and click into the sites you oversee. With i-SYNERGY you monitor your entire fleet, gain valuable insights, and empower your staff to expand their scope of work through our advanced technology.
Can I switch the time periods for the data I want to see?
Yes, you can switch to the time periods you want to see.
What types of data/metrics will I receive?
You can see several metrics including route maps, total run-time, time spent route training, time spent running autonomously, area covered (square meters/feet), distance covered (meters/feet), number of assists, type of assists and data for ROI information.
Can the data/metrics tracked be exported?
Most data/metrics are available to download
How do I receive the data from Cobi 18?
The cleaning data from Cobi 18 can be viewed through the i-SYNERGY Client Portal.
Who owns the data Cobi 18 generates?
The cleaning data from Cobi 18 is owned by the owner of the subscription to Cobi 18.
Do you sell the data from Cobi 18?
No, we do not sell the data coming from Cobi 18.
Does Cobi 18 take photos of its surroundings?
No, Cobi 18 only collects environment, cleaning, and operational status data. The image data collected by the camera is immediately converted into 2D dot cloud data for navigation.
Is Cobi 18 (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation compliant?
Yes, Cobi 18 is GDPR compliant. The cloud data for navigation processing is not able to identify a natural person or environmental detail. Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all data is securely transmitted to a local cloud storage based on each region where Cobi 18 is operating. For more information see our security and safety sheet.
What artificial intelligence operating system does Cobi 18 use?
The operating system uses hybrid VSLAM technology which takes the best attributes of LiDAR SLAM and VSLAM in combination with other sensors to instantaneously create point cloud maps that represent the environment and different types of objects more accurately. These are used to determine the best navigation route possible.
What data is collected?
We collect sensor data (2D) based on serial number of the machine (separate from customer information), to ensure client-specific reports and analysis are provided. Cleaning analytics to provide you with the best experience possible.
How is the data stored?
The data is stored both in the cloud and locally on Cobi 18. Map data and images that are triggered by an assist or emergency button press are uploaded to our cloud-based platform, located in the European Union, to safely secure data. When you subscribe, you own the data.
How is the data secured?
The 2D point cloud data for navigation processing is not able to identify a natural person or environmental detail. Your data collected and saved adhere to the strong General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Who has access to the Cobi 18 machine data?
ICE Cobotics’ service employees only have access to data to help provide services related to the use of the product, such as customer care and troubleshooting. Customers also have access to their Cobi 18 data through the Client Portal and i-SYNERGY system.
What is the data used for?
The data is used to provide our customers with insights into cleaning operations, including business value, optimization, and confidence in clean, and for services related to your operation of Cobi 18. The data is also used to inform performance improvements made to our products.
What happens to the data if a customer cancels/is no longer a customer?
The data is removed from the unit and the cloud.
Who owns customer data?
Data provided by the customer is owned by the customer and data generated through use of Cobi 18 is owned by ICE Cobotics.
Can Cobi's imaging capture writing on documents etc.?
No, Cobi 18 only collects imaging used to avoid structures and obstacles. The information is captured through 2D dot cloud point and is strictly dot images of anything in the cobot’s path. There are no details related to specific characteristics of humans or writing on walls or other documents. Cobi’s 3D camera is also angled downwards to capture only depth information.
Which reports are available?
There are several reports that come out of the box. A ‘performance report’ is available through Clean Score. An ‘overview report’ that includes usage coverage and time, assists, and number of routes run. A ‘route run report’ provides information on the routes run by Cobi 18.
Can I customize reports/make my own reports?
Yes, the i-SYNERGY /Client Portal system can help you to create your own reports.
What are example questions that the data and reporting can answer or address?
Which types of notifications will I receive on my Cobi 18 unit?
On Cobi 18 you can receive several operational notifications. Some examples are: "solution tank empty" "full recovery tank" "battery conditions" and "route operation."s.
How do I turn notifications for my Cobi 18 unit on/off?
By using the UI-screen on Cobi 18 you can manage your notifications.


Can I purchase equipment from you or just rent?
Depending on your busines we do both. We truly believe that subscription is the way to have a better business, but understand the need in certain cases to have ownership of a cleaning solutions. Our specialists can help to make the right decision with focus on your cleaning operations and needs.
Why subscribe vs. purchase equipment?
Well, how should we say this, because you'll save money on total cost of ownership, you'll experience great service from our team, you'll have access to regular software updates (and let's be honest, those can be really costly), and you'll gain a trusted partner becuase we have stake if the equipment with you! We're not going to leave you hanging!
For which items am I responsible for once I start my subscription?
You must insure Cobi 18 against damage and theft. Like other assets in a company.
What if I want to terminate a subscription contract?
A Cobi 18 subscription is customized and set up to meet the specific requirements of the client. The subscription must therefore fit. In the exceptional case that the subscription no longer fits, it is possible to move Cobi 18 to another location of the client. ICE Cobotics can support you to execute. Any other reason to cancel the subscription is a matter of joint consultation.
What is included in a subscription contract?
The subscription contract for Cobi 18 is hassle-free and includes: Cobi 18, i-SYNERGY fleet management and data analytics, virtual resource center, repairs and replacement parts, consumables (limited) and customer support.
How much does Cobi 18 cost?
Our subscription price varies by region and length of contract based on the customer needs. Please schedule a meeting with an Account Manager to discuss pricing via our contact form.
What is the warranty for Cobi 18?
During subscription you have a full warranty for Cobi 18.
What are your terms of use?
Our terms of use can be found on our website at icecobotics.com/terms-of-use for any questions you may have.
What is the subscription model?
ICE Cobotics offers a long-term lease through its subscription service. Instead of having to make a large upfront payment on equipment, you can lease the cleaning machine for a set amount of time, pay a set monthly payment, and enjoy the added benefits of continued service provided by us. 
Are all parts included in the subscription model?
Almost all parts are included. You will be responsible for purchasing and replacing your consumables at your discretion.
How much are consumables?
Consumables range in pricing depending on size
What is the cancellation policy?
Our subscriptions policy is flexible. If you are not completely satisfied with the equipment you can return it within 60 days--just reach out to your Client Care representative for help.

Customer Service

How long does it take to receive my equipment?
We do our best to get your equipment to you within 3-5 business days.
What is your training program?
First let us start by saying, isn't technology great! We have a series of training videos on our Client Portal, which can be accessed online, as well as Client Care team that loves to do (virtual) trainings. We are here for you to have the best cleaning operations!
How do I maintain my machine(s)?
This is important to guarantee optimum usage of your cleaning solution. Our Client Portal and Client Care Team can help you with this.
Can I return my machine?
You'll want to reach out to your Client Care representative to discuss setting up a return--they'll be able to support you through this.
Do you offer swaps?
We hope we never have to, but yes, we offer swaps so you have the best cleaning operations!
How do I order consumables?
Consumables can be ordered through ICE Client Portal/Customer Care.
What happens when Cobi 18 needs service or a swap?
Repairs are included in the Cobi 18 subscription package. In need of service fill out our support form on the ICE Client Portal/i-SYNERGY app. We respond within SLA timeframes and swap out your unit if needed. Please have your Cobi 18 machine number ready for us when we contact you.
Will we be trained on how to operate Cobi 18?
For the deployment of Cobi 18 we are here to support you. Cobi 18 is developed to operate easily by using the most user-friendly interface. We have deployment videos and quick start wall charts available for you on our website/ICE Client Portal to help you get started.

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