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Find the perfect cleaning solution for your industry

Give your team the solutions they need for more efficient cleaning and the best customer experience


Keep your store spotless and give your staff the tools they need to complete the daily cleaning checklist, without sacrificing customer service. You’ll keep your customers returning again and again.

Experience the ease of our subscription. Customers will be impressed with the cleanliness of your store, plus you’ll avoid unnecessary machine downtime with an all-inclusive subscription. Subscribe to equipment, service, and parts, and gain repeat customers.
Fleet Management
Long hours, complex floor plans, and consistently busy stores make it hard to keep track of the cleaning. With i-SYNERGY fleet management software, you'll keep track of your equipment and total square footage/meters cleaned all while impressing your customers with Clean Score technology.
Intelligent Equipment
Keep the attention on customer satisfaction by giving your staff easy-to-use and safe cleaning equipment. Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries and touchscreen control panels help to get the job done without hassle.
Autonomous Equipment
Free your staff to stay focused on customers. Collaborative cleaning equipment allows staff to focus on high-priority tasks, deliver excellent customer service, and still complete the daily floor cleaning—consistent cleaning at the touch of a button.
Proactive Service
Avoid unnecessary downtime with the help of our Service Team. By monitoring alerts and machine usage, our team helps keep you informed and works to diagnose and provide solutions every step of the way.
Health and Safety
Store cleanliness is key to creating a healthy and safe space for shoppers. Our autonomous equipment is designed with a complex system of cameras and sensors, plus noise and light signals, so your shoppers stay safe.