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Facility Management
Office in building

Reliable and consistent cleaning is imperative to keeping your facility safe and healthy for all visitors.

Facility Management
Facility Management

Your work environment needs to be cleaned in a way that demonstrates employee health is top priority. Using real-time data analytics, available in easy-to-use reports, allows you to speak to a confirmed clean—assuring staff you put their safety first.

One low monthly payment, plus predictable billing for your entire fleet, allows you to better manage finances and eliminate unexpected machine maintenance expenses.
Fleet Tracking
Monitor your entire fleet on any device through our cloud-based Client Portal with i-Synergy. Use machine monitoring metrics to ensure a quality job is done each time.
Intelligent Equipment
Designed with simplicity in mind, our equipment features i-Synergy fleet management software, easy-to-use touch screen control panel, is easy to maneuver, and runs off of lithium-ion batteries—giving you more run time.
Active Maintenance
Our Client Portal with i-Synergy allows you from a remote location to monitor your fleet, alert you to equipment notifications and optimizations, reporting and monitor data to help with active maintenance. Our Client Care Team is there to support you.
Healthy & Safety
Intelligent equipment designed with top-of-the-line safety features and turn signals.