January 12, 2021

Why You Need to Upgrade to ICE Cobotics Intelligent Cleaning Equipment

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ICE Cobotics Intelligent Cleaning Equipment is more than just the machine. Because of our unique all-inclusive subscription model, you gain access to cleaning equipment, some of the best in the industry, fleet management software, active maintenance, and service all for one, flat monthly fee - saving you costs upfront and in the long-term. Essentially, you get equipment that comes with advanced technology and a team!

Designing a way to tackle industry problems such as how to save time and money and keep up with the workload (usually with limited staff) is at the forefront of everything ICE Cobotics is doing and why you need to subscribe to Intelligent Cleaning Equipment.

The Subscription Model Saves You Money

Save Money with a Fixed Monthly Payment:

One of the major issues across the cleaning industry is budget constraints and operating within tight margins—capital is limited, and the cost of labor takes up a large chunk of that budget.

So how does an industry with tight margins and a labor allocation issue make progress and get the job done?

By using ICE Cobotics subscription service! ICE Cobotics subscription service is all-inclusive, flexible, and affordable. By signing up for Intelligent Cleaning Equipment, you will avoid large up front capital investments and instead pay a set monthly payment for the duration of the subscription, making finances for equipment more predictable. Your administrative team will love you.

Save Money on Maintenance and Service:

Beyond that, since the subscription is all-inclusive, it covers maintenance, parts, and service.

This is huge! Part of the unpredictability of buying equipment is that maintenance and service for floor cleaning equipment can be incredibly expensive and are often not taken into consideration for the total cost of ownership when making purchasing decisions.

The industry estimate is that you will pay 2x the cost of the equipment over the average three-year working life of the machine, in labor and trip charges alone (on average this is $2600 extra per machine).

For companies that use hundreds of machines across many facilities, this adds up. On top of that, administrative fees, and wear part replacement fees (typically 20% of the total machine cost) are additional expenses that factor into the total cost of ownership of a machine, and this does not include the cost of battery maintenance and replacement (we’ll touch more on this in a moment).

ICE Cobotics Intelligent Cleaning Equipment saves you the headache of worrying about these unpredictable expenditures because they include parts and service in the subscription payment. Meaning, you only worry about one monthly bill, for your entire fleet.

The Subscription Model Saves You Time

This is in part due to the service component that comes along with the subscription model.

Since all of ICE Cobotics equipment is available through the All-Inclusive Subscription Model, they have developed an Active Maintenance service plan.

This is a game changer because both parties have a stake in the equipment, so there is a shared risk and aligned interest in keeping the equipment in top condition.

ICE Cobotics has a team of qualified technicians and service professionals that actively monitor your equipment—keeping an eye on alerts that show downtime, lack of use, or any error codes that signal something is not working properly on the machine.

Often, this means the ICE Cobotics team is aware of issues before a building or facilities manager and they can trouble shoot the problem remotely, potentially fixing the problem before it causes further issue. If the ICE Cobotics team cannot fix the issue remotely, they will call the service provider and send them to your location.

Plus, since the ICE Cobotics team is continually monitoring alert notifications, they can learn what error codes need what parts or labor and provide deployed service technicians with this information prior to them being on site. This makes the total service time and downtime much shorter, meaning more up time for you and your staff.

Additionally, continued monitoring of your equipment means that service and parts can become an expected routine maintenance instead of surprise downtime—keeping your team cleaning longer.

Simply put, the added service is a huge time and money saver. You are subscribing to more than equipment; you are subscribing to a team.

i-Synergy Fleet Management Software Saves You Time

Time is of the essence in this industry (pardon the pun), but it’s true. Increasing workloads and expectations over the last year have caused many to fall behind and worry about how to get all the work done.

For district managers and directors, who typically travel from location to location to check in on their teams and equipment, it can feel like a lot of time is spent traveling and not enough time is spent working on process and developing efficiencies or helping their teams get the work done.

With i-Synergy equipment, named after it’s i-Synergy fleet management system, end users can access machine operation information without making all the trips, monitor and manage their entire fleet (even across multiple states) all from one location, saving time, reducing costs, and creating efficiencies.

The i-Synergy platform gives users access to data about each of their machines including location, start and stop times, hours of operation per day, week, or month and end users can monitor alerts related to each of these items.

Access to this data allows managers to work with team members to develop better processes and procedures, for example, finding times during the day when longer periods of cleaning can be done, or finding patterns of machine usage that are more efficient. This can save time and help cleaning team members increase their scope of work.

i-Synergy Fleet Management Software Gives You More Data

No matter the industry, access to data helps building managers and BSC’s improve processes and procedures (by being able to see machine usage data), and better coach cleaning teams to be more efficient.

Beyond that, reports can be tailored to specific needs of end users, meaning, a facility manager could monitor how often the equipment is used daily, weekly, or monthly, helping them to speak to a confirmed clean.

Speaking to confirmed clean (or proof of performance) is increasingly important to assuring building occupants that they are in a healthy and safe environment. Thus, the data guides end users in knowing what is working and what may need improvement to keep their building safe and healthy.

Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Runs on Lithium-Ion Batteries (enough said)!

Industry standard scrubbers and sweepers are powered by Lead Acid batteries (most commonly). These need constant maintenance, replacement annually (on average) and can be dangerous to maintain and replace. They are an unpredictable expense, and most companies pay to have someone replace them because of the danger to employees and the time and money it takes to train someone to do the job.

Lithium-Ion batteries require zero maintenance, last longer (up to three years), can be opportunity charged and are smaller and weigh less than traditional batteries. ICE Cobotics i-Synergy equipment is designed to use lithium-ion batteries, making the equipment more sustainable and user-friendly, and largely reducing unpredictable costs associated with battery upkeep.

And, since all Intelligent Cleaning Equipment is offered through the all-inclusive subscription model, end users have minimal risk; the batteries last the life of the subscription, there is no maintenance, and no repairs. In the end, there is much less worry, hassle and downtime, and the cost is wrapped into the subscription price, meaning you could save money by subscribing to i-Synergy equipment.

Intelligent Cleaning Equipment is Built with Quality Parts and Ease of Mind

ICE Cobotics has in-house manufacturing and has been manufacturing quality equipment for over 30-years—including a design and assembly team making the Intelligent Cleaning Equipment. This adds a layer of quality control and allows for any issues to be addressed and changes to be made more easily.

With over 30 years of experience, they have worked hard to source quality materials and parts. An important example is the aluminum metal used for squeegee parts. Since it is important that the squeegees have good down pressure for the machine to do the job well, the Intelligent Cleaning Equipment line comes with caste aluminum squeegees—a heavy duty aluminum that does not corrode, thus extending the life and durability of the parts.

The equipment is also extremely easy to use, including a touchscreen control panel with easy to decipher icons, simple machine maneuverability, and over-sized tanks for extended operation time.

Want to get started, check us out! Visit our website or contact our client care team—we’re here to help!

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