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Cobots are Collaborative

Support Your Team With a New Kind of Co-worker

Expand your team, increase consistent cleaning, free up your current staff to focus on better customer service. These are all things that happen when your team collaborates with Cobi 18. Cobots support and work alongside staff, making their job easier and the whole team more productive.

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Cool, Clever, & Clean

Meet Cobi 18

Autonomous commercial floor cleaning has never been easier, affordable or more reliable then with Cobi 18, a compact, autonomous scrubber part of our all-inclusive subscription.

Intelligent Floor Cleaning EquipmentIntelligent Floor Cleaning EquipmentIntelligent Floor Cleaning Equipment
Fleet Management & InsightsFleet Management & InsightsFleet Management & Insights Animated
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A New Way to Experience Cleaning

Never worry about floor cleaning again

Our flexible, all-inclusive subscription for one flat monthly payment takes the stress out of floor equipment. Our plan takes care of the details, letting you get back to what you do best.

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Client Portal for Fleet Management

Convenience at your fingertips. Easy access to manage your floor cleaning from A to Z

Unique for the industry, our Client Portal with i-Synergy, delivers full insights on orders, service, warranty, maintenance, training, invoicing and other key information. Use data and alerts through i-Synergy fleet management to increase efficiency and confirm clean. So stop wondering and start knowing.

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Confirmed Clean

Confirmed Clean

Machine Usage

Machine Usage



Client Portal for Proactive Maintenance

Full insights to make machine downtime a thing of the past.

Our Client Portal with i-Synergy allows you from a remote location to monitor your fleet, alert you to equipment notifcations and optimizations, reporting and monitor data to help with active maintenance. Our Client Care Team is there to support you.

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Text Chain between ICE Technician and Operations Lead about Scheduling a Maintenance Request

The smart way to have top of the line equipment

With our subscription, your cleaning team will be using some of the best equipment in the industry. Our team has 30+ years of experience and they’ve put that knowledge into creating durable equipment and parts for you. The best part, you’ll get new equipment every time your contract is up.

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Ride-on scrubber cleaning in building

Stay informed on the latest in cleaning innovation

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